When the furnace kicks on in your West Lafayette, IN home, you are probably accustomed to most of the sounds it makes. This is why a new one can throw you off and catch your attention right away. One of the sounds you may hear from your furnace is a whistling noise.

A whistling sound coming from your furnace could indicate a potential problem that needs to be addressed.

Whistling Sounds and Duct Seams

The source of a whistling sound is often not the furnace itself but the ducts connected to the furnace. When hot air is forced through the ducts, that air may create a whistling sound if the duct seams are not as tight as they should be.

When the air slips through small cracks, the force of it creates a whistling noise. In some cases, the register on the ducts may be loose and the air could slip through small cracks on that part of the ductwork. Debris buildup in the furnace can also create whistling sounds as air tries to slip through the blockage.

Furnace Duct Inspection and Repair

Rely on professional service to help fix these whistling sounds. Not only do the sounds create an annoyance, but they can impact the efficiency of your furnace as well. An HVAC technician will perform a full inspection of your furnace and duct system to find the source of the whistling. Professional repairs will eliminate the whistling sound and help prevent any problems from getting worse.

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