When Your Heating and Cooling System Is on the Fritz

    Air Conditioner in process of being repairedIs your HVAC unit leaking? Does your air conditioning blow hot air? Hoppy Heating and Air is your best bet for HVAC repair and maintenance in West Lafayette, IN.

    Our contractors have years of experience and will fix your heating and cooling system as quickly as possible.

    Schedule an appointment with Hoppy Heating and Air right away by calling our main office!

    Catch minor problems before they turn into costly issues

    There are numerous benefits to routine maintenance. Keeping up your HVAC system can:
    • Prevent unexpected failures
    • Reduce energy bills
    • Prolong the life of your unit
    • Improve your air quality
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    Don’t ignore the maintenance needs of your HVAC system. Sign up for an annual maintenance contract with Hoppy Heating and Air.