In the hottest months of summer and the coldest weather of winter, you depend on your home’s HVAC system in West Lafayette, IN, to keep your home comfortable. Before changing seasons, consider scheduling an HVAC check-up. This can help your system in three ways.

1. Help Improve Efficiency

When your home’s air conditioning or heating system is not running at its optimal performance level, its efficiency rating suffers. Since the system cannot run smoothly, it needs to work harder to cool or heat your home, which will drive up your energy bills and add additional wear to the system.

During a seasonal check-up, our technicians will double-check various components of your equipment and fine-tune them to help ensure they are working in peak condition. These efforts can help improve the energy efficiency of your home.

2. Decrease the Risk of Unexpected Breakdowns

When the weather is at its most brutal in West Lafayette, you don’t want to be without heat in the winter or cool air in the summer. Unexpected breakdowns are often caused by undetected issues.

If you have a professional check your system, they can diagnose potential problems before they spiral out of control. These repairs greatly decrease the chances of unexpected breakdowns.

3. Increase the Overall Air Quality of Your Home

During the hottest and coldest times of the year, your home is shut tight to allow your HVAC system to keep your indoor air comfortable. However, your home’s indoor air quality can suffer as accumulated dust, pollen, and other allergens keep circulating throughout your house.

When you have your HVAC system checked, a technician will make sure that the filters are changed. They will also ensure that your ductwork is clean and without leaks to help increase the overall air quality of your home.

Along with offering seasonal check-ups for HVAC systems, we also provide installation, maintenance, and repair services for heating and cooling systems. We can perform an air quality assessment or clean your ducts if necessary. Contact us at Hoppy Heating and Air today to schedule your HVAC check-up and find out what other services we have to offer.

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